Reminiscing The Past

2.5 years just passed in the blink of an eye… Looking back, my pre-clinical years in RCSI, Dublin has taught me so much about life, be it living as a medical student or as a young adult staying far away from my family in a foreign land. I guess there’s always good and bad sides to every thing that happened to us. We just need to keep ourselves positive and have a optimistic attitude. I just feel grateful and blessed now for all the opportunities I was bestowed upon and most importantly for the friendships that I have made there. Truly experience is worth much more than anything.

Being an international student, the multicultural and ethnicity environment was really eye-opening for me. I’ve learn to be more open and to accept other people’s opinion and their point of views. I’ve learnt to be a better listener instead of having prejudice and judgement deep inside towards other people of different cultural or religious background. I’ve also learnt that being different isn’t something wrong and that uniqueness is what makes this world more colourful and beautiful.

Of course the best thing about staying abroad and being an international student was that I get to travelled a lot around EU countries. There were so many interesting places that I’ve explored with my friends, so much fun and laughter and memories that we shared.

RCSI prepares me well for my clinical years in PMC. I realize RCSI students do better in terms of our knowledge and skills compare to our classmates who were from a different university. From lectures to tutorials to online self-directed learning, the resources RCSI provided us was immense. The lecturers were always so supportive and helpful. Furthermore, the clinical research opportunities there was also beyond amazing. I love RCSI and will always miss that place deep in my heart.




One thought on “Reminiscing The Past

  1. RCSI misses you too, Julia. I do hope you come around for perhaps an elective or something in the future. But for now, you can enjoy being home and the warm and beautiful weather over there.


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